Gibsons Yacht Club

A GYC Membership opens up a world of enjoyment with family and friends.

Gibsons is the scenic starting place for exploring the waters and islands of the Sunshine Coast, or as the jumping off point for destinations like Desolation Sound, the Broughton Archipelago, or all the way up the Coast to remoter areas like Bella Bella, Shearwater, Bella Coola and Ocean Falls. Most visitors will never see the beauties of these largely water-access areas.

Gibsons Yacht Club members, however, enjoy the best of the coast, with multi-boat cruises to the most enticing areas, a club boat program for those who do not own a boat and an active monthly social program that brings the club together on and off the water. Come, join us!

People who love boating love GYC

Our club is active, social and filled with friendly people who love messing around with boats. We invite you to discover more about our club cruises, socials, educational events and membership options. Complete and send us a membership application, available under the “Join Us” section below, and begin your new sailing adventures.

No Boat? No Problem!

Drop by our Open House on April 21, 2024 from 10 am to 4 pm at Gibsons Marina. GYC owns three 27’ sailboats for use by Club Boat members, boaters who want to sail but don’t want the expense of paying moorage, insurance or maintenance costs. You can talk to members, tour the boats and even sign up right on the dock.

Contact Mike Richer or Gord Cudlipp at

What We Offer

All About Us

Gibsons Harbour and its marinas are the focal point of activity for the town and Gibsons Yacht Club’s activities. While we don’t have a physical building, we create yacht-club fun wherever we gather, on the water or on land.

Join Us!

Explore all our activities, meet people who like to have fun both on the water and off, and who meet even when boats are stored away for the season.  Click for membership information and rates.

Cruise with Us!

Our cruise master plots courses to ports and anchorages near and far. A flotilla of power and sail boats explore the beauty of our BC coast and islands, and we now have “Bike Cruises” as well.

Socialize with Us!

We enjoy being social on and off the water and our Social Director keeps us busy with activities almost every month of the year. Join us in the fun, games, and friendly people who love getting together.

No Boat? No Problem!

Join our Club Boat program. A great way to dip your toes in the water without having to buy your own! Spoiler alert: many club boat participants discover they want to own their own boats!

Learn with Us!

Improve your navigation skills, hone your understanding of safe boating or, in our club boat program,  experienced mariners share knowledge and techniques  for operating and maintaining the sailboats.

Don’t have a boat? No Problem

Check out our Club Boat Program

The GYC Club Boat program is a great way to dip your toes in the water without having to owning a boat. Spoiler alert: many club boat participants go on to buy their own boat!