Our History

For the past 45 years, the Gibsons Yacht Club has contributed to making the Gibsons waterfront a vital and vibrant part of the town’s culture.

In its earliest days, club members actively supported the town’s initiative to construct and maintain the stalwart breakwater that guards three marinas and shelters many of our boats. These days, we look for ways to support ecological practices that will sustain and revitalize our coastal waters for years to come.

From its beginnings, though, the club brought together people who loved boating and/or loved to socialize with boaters. It is still the same today, with over 200 members who enjoy boating, socializing, enhancing their navigational or technical knowledge, or who want to test the waters with our Club Boat program.

While our cruises and social events are always popular, club members also participate in walking groups, book club, and coffee groups and sharing the pleasure of our beautiful coastal environment.

If you want to meet a congenial and inclusive group of people who love “messing about in boats,” please join us! We’d love to get to know you.

Our Board of Directors:

Gibsons Yacht Club members annually elect a volunteer Board to oversee their financial and club activities.

New Board of Directors for 2023-2024:

Julian Taylor: Commodore

Larry Hartley: Treasurer

Jude Grebeldinger: Secretary

Gerry Nimmo: Membership

Gail Davies: Social

Gord Cudlipp: Cruise Master

Gord Cudlipp: Club Boat Technical

Mike Richer: Club Boat Liaison

Sue Anne Linde: Communications

Jim Forward: Liaison

Doug Rogers: At Large

Darlene Finch: At Large

Peter Holt: Insurance

Kate McQuaid: Past Commodore