Healthy Harbor – A Gibsons Initiative

Aquarium Curator Jenny Wright, (NSMEC), is taking the initiative to lead the Healthy Harbour Project in Gibsons. There will be a virtual community engagement event on Tuesday, Feb 22. Jenny is working on logistics and will share info with Julian Taylor, who will pass it on to GYC members.

The goal is to share stories about Gibsons harbor and surrounding waters. She wants to build community and introduce the eelgrass protection area. SeaChange and NSMEC (Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre) are establishing the eelgrass protection area in early March, in partnership with the Town of Gibsons. It will be in front of Armours Beach.

“We would like to showcase diverse voices from the Gibsons community and beyond, including residents, the harbourmaster and Squamish Nation members,” says Jenny. “If you want to share a story about connection with local waters, we would love that. It can be a few minutes, no longer than 8-10 minutes.

“You are welcome to share photos, videos, or anything that may enhance the story. If you would like to participate, please let me know.

Coming Events

Armchair Social & Speaker
Watch for date in February.
Check emails!

March 9
Harmony Hall or Zoom
6:30 pm registration
7:00 pm start

St. Patrick’s Day Social
Thursday, March 17

GYC Photo Contest Winners
See following pages for our ‘super shots.’

Scenic category winner: Misty Morn, photo by Doug Rodgers. Below: Mariners category winner: Jan & Gerry Pinkerton cruise past a ‘meeting’ on the White Islets.

Great photos from GYC members

How Coastal is the above?! Often we’ve awoken to similar scenes, or spent the day sailing/boating in misty waters. Doug Rodgers submitted the photo in
our contest. Judges – Commodore Kate, Kim Monk and Anne MacLachlan – had a hard time picking winners. The photos and photographers showed unusual shots of wildlife and fun shots of club members.

Winner in the wildlife category: A whale of a gab (or food) fest. Photo submitted by Bob Crawford, taken by naturalist Jeff Reynolds, just after a bubble feed by the whales. Bob, chief engineer on the Cascadia, and his wife Anita were an eco-tourist trip up Coast with 22 other passengers, in Wright Sound. That’s when they saw the whales just after a “bubble feed,” and Jeff got the photo.

As Bob says, Anita has been able to join him on a few trips. The ship can take 24 passengers, with a crew of 10. A bubble feed is a community feast for the whales. Smart mammals. They go below the surface in a circle and blow all the marine life to the surface. Then the whales go up for a ‘whale of a feed.’ Now that’s a real co-op!

Runners-up provide some neat shots

Honorable mention goes to:

Lucy Dog – Hey !!!! What About Me? Sea Lion – Are You My Dinner?

GYC Cruising Fun Lindsay Babineau and Sheila Rogers cruise past Endless Rode. How far will they go?

Are you my dinner?

Or, is that one big yawn. … I wouldn’t want to meet a sea lion, even a bored one. Life gets humdrum in the pandemic. Do seals get bored too?

What about me?

Kate left the boat to run errands. Who was left behind? Her dog Lucy wanted to know what was happening. Anything interesting going on? Anything to chase? Food? Can I come too?


2022 dues must be paid in order to vote at the AGM March 9, 2022

Boaters & Club Boaters $175, Social Couple $135, Social Single $80.

GYC is now accepting e-transfers at Alternatively you can mail payment to GYC Box 1400 Gibsons BC V0N 1V0

Commodore’s Corner

By Commodore Kate McQuaid

Days are getting longer, plants are budding and plans for haul outs are ramping up!!! Harmony Hall is opening for fitness only, but hopefully we can resume our socials soon.

Our Swap Meet is planned for April. More news on that will be forthcoming. We are starting to actively work on reciprocals for this summer season. More information will be forthcoming soon. It’s a big task, so again anyone available to assist please contact Julian or myself!! Thank you to everyone who submitted
their photos!!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

2021-22 Board of Directors

Commodore – Kate McQuaid
Vice Commodore – Jim Forward
Corporate Secretary – Darlene Finch
Treasurer – Sheila Kinnear
Membership Secretary –Gerry Nimmo
Social Secretary – Gail Davies
Co-Social Secretary – Vacant
Cruise Master – Gord Cudlipp
Club Boat Technical Director– Gord Cudlipp
Club Boat Member Liaison – Jim Forward
Liaison Officer – Jim Forward
Public Relations – Anne MacLachlan
Insurance Officer – Julian Taylor
Director at Large – Doug Rogers
Past Commodore – Hugh Willson

Our Welcome Mat to new members goes to:

By Gerry Nimmo, Membership Secretary

Anna Brown & Luc Beaulieu – Club Boat
Scott & Jane Sibley – CoRuBi 2 – G32

Please email any changes to the membership list. GYC is now accepting e-transfers at Or you can mail payment to GYC Box 1400, Gibsons BC V0N 1V0

Notice of GYC Annual General Meeting

Wednesday March 09, 2022
Harmony Hall or Zoom
Details re Location TBA

6:30 registration
7:00 Meeting

CPS/Sunshine Coast Squadron Update

By Jack Adams, Commander, Sunshine Coast Squadron

Since early January weve put together a new Bridge for the Sunshine Coast Power & Sail Squadron. We needed members with energy and desire to carry on delivering all that CPS offers to boaters on the Coast. I’m pleased to report weve found such members and well continue to operate. This means closer ties with GYC and cutting operating costs significantly. We’ll share storage facilities with GYC and cease paying for Pacific Yachting magazine, our two largest expenses.

Our new Bridge will be sworn in April at our Squadron AGM. Members will be Gord Cudlipp, Commander; Ken Beall, Education Officer; Jim Forward, Instructor; Caroline Au Yeung, Finance Officer and Secretary; Trevor Lavender, Membership; Jack Adams, Past Commander.

Our Environmental Committee held a zoom meeting Jan 19 with 17 Environmental officers and guests. We identified priorities: marine debris/plastics and microfibers pollution; boaters and wildlife; climate change impacts; aquatic noise and chemical pollution, and habitat disturbance. (eg: anchoring in sensitive areas).

Our three top priorities are:

  • climate change impacts,
  • plastics pollution issues, and
  • boater behavior

Lades Book Club – or, the lady who couldn’t read.

By Anne MacLachlan

When we started isolating two years ago, I found myself unable to pick up a book. I’ve always read. At least a book a week. After lockdown, I found myself staring at a book, unable to open it. Time on my hands. Book club buddies were reading up a storm.

This is a weird reaction, I think. Who knows? However, come mid-January 2022, I picked up a book and could read. Yeah! The end of pandemic restrictions must be in sight!!

The title: The Last Wife. (I trust that’s me). Almost finished it. Spring is just around the corner and we WILL get back to regular life and I will pick up another book. Whew. We’ll resume our Book Club soon! !!