Membership Benefits

  • Connecting with people who love being on the water and who generously share tips about best anchorages and marinas, where to fish or set a crab trap, tell (tall) tales of past escapades and future cruises.
  • Sharing marine education and knowledge, boat safety, maintenance and best practices with each other.
  • Technical support from those who’ve been there, done that and have solutions for (almost) every problem.
  • The security and confidence that comes from cruising with others, knowing that you are led and supported by knowledgeable seafarers.
  • Sharing other interests by joining our walking group, the book club, the Ancient Mariners coffee group, men’s and ladies’ “bike cruises.”
  • Learning about adventures on other waters presented through our Armchair Travel nights.
  • Close links with Canadian Power (and Sail) Squadron, access to their online navigation courses.
  • Even if you don’t (currently) own a boat, we have something for you…rather three somethings…three sailboats for use by our club boat members. Here you will find a cohort of sailors eager to get out on the waters, perhaps even participate in the SCYC Sunday sailing races.
  • If you want to participate in determining the future of our club, you can volunteer for a Board position; otherwise, volunteers are always welcome to make our socials and events welcoming and fun.
  • Access expert technical support when you need help. We have many experienced boaters who can help with mechanical, technical or navigation challenges. Priceless—and there when you need it.

Membership Application & Rates

  • Application Form
  • How to apply (steps to follow)
  • Rates and member categories
    • Boater(s) Family: $210 ($200 + $10 GST)
    • Social Non-boater family: $157.50 ($150 + $7.50 GST)
    • ​Social Non-boater single: $99.75 ($95 + $4.75 GST
    • Club Boat member: $735.00 (includes GST)  Must be a GYC Boater member to qualify for Club Boat membership.
  • Contact us for questions

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the GYC Membership Application
  2. Send completed applications or questions to
  3. E-transfer GYC and Club Boat dues to
  4. You must be a GYC member to qualify for Club Boat membership.