Sail Past is our club’s most important ceremonial event of the year.

Historically, this dates back to ancient times and today navies, fleets, royalty and thousands of clubs still participate in this rite of passage. It marks the beginning of the boating season and serves to confirm your boat’s seaworthiness for the activities you have planned.

It also satisfies the tradition of saluting the Commodore each time you pass her vessel: by saluting in this ceremony, we need not salute again in the year.

Dress Your Boat

It’s a chance to deck out our boats in their finest, with burgees and code flags indicating your enthusiasm for the Club and for the event itself. The best dressed boat, judged by the Commodore during the event, will be awarded a special prize, to be presented at the dinner.

Dress Yourselves

Salute our Commodore while dressed in your finest ocean-ready garb. With sunshine and fair weather, we suggest a navy blazer or sweater, white or khaki pants and a white shirt.

Should the conditions be wet and blustery, protective rain gear would be totally appropriate. Even mukluks and ski jackets are acceptable should circumstances warrant.

Inclusive Event

Our club has a large number of social members and boating members are encouraged to invite them along as guests for the sail past. If you are a social member and would like to come along, ask a boater if you can accompany them.

Skippers:  Please let Hugh Willson know of your intention to join the fleet for this ceremonial event.

Timeline for Sail Past May 14, 2022

10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Home-made breakfast will be served to all members (for a fee of $5) at Harmony Hall. Tickets are available from Gail Davies, in advance (

About 11.30 am: Everyone makes their way to the boats to ready for the Sail Past itself.

The process is simple—however, it will require your boating skill and patience as we anticipate up to 30 boats to participate.

Communication is key and we will all have our VHF radios tuned to Channel 69A for instructions.  Hugh Willson, past Commodore aboard Frangipani, will be in charge of communication. As you leave the harbour, alert Hugh that you are in the fleet and attending. He will then be able to give you a position for line up.

Order and Timing:

12:00 Noon

Our Commodore’s vessel stands at anchor off Grandmas Pub with flags flying. We have chosen this location to enhance our visibility for the general public within the Harbour area. We want to impress them with our nautical choreography!

Kate will be standing at the stern of her boat, ready to accept your salute. She will have dignitaries aboard with cameras ready to capture the ceremonial parade of boats and we’ll create an album for our archives.

1:30 pm

Boats will depart the harbour area, rendezvous off Plumper Cove on Keats Island and begin to form a line, in the following order:

  • Past Commodore first followed by all other past Commodores participating.
  • Next – our Flag officers (Board of Directors) beginning with Vice Commodore, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Cruise Director, Club Boat Director, Membership Director and other Directors.
  • Next – Power boats in order of size, largest to smallest.
  • Next – Sailboats in order of size, largest to smallest.

2:00 pm

The Past Commodore will lead boats in a slow procession (keep your speed at 3 knots or less if possible) in a counter-clockwise direction towards Granthams Landing. Stay in line but if you get out of line, do not attempt to race in front of another boat, simply slide into the next spot. Skippers should stay alert and allow for exceptions.

As you approach the Commodore’s boat, you will pass her on your starboard side. Each boat captain will stand at attention and salute as you pass the Commodore standing on the stern.

Your crew need only be standing at attention facing the Commodore. Dip your flag only if it is not difficult to do while under way.

2:30 pm

As you complete your salute you will probably encounter other vessel traffic in the area, so move cautiously away from the harbour area until all boats have completed their salute.

Boats will return to dock at their pleasure. For their marvelous performance, Captains will each receive a free drink ticket at dinner.

4:30 pm – 8:00 p.m.

Ticket holders (only 100 available!) will rally at Harmony Hall for refreshments, the pig roast dinner, and salute the 2022 boating season!

Tickets are $35 each, members only—no guests, available from Gail Davies ( and are first come, first served. No tickets will be available at the door, so make sure you get your name on the list and money to Gail as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Assuming good weather, bring your lawn chair to sit outside but you will not need to bring your Green Bag – Harmony Hall china and cutlery will be provided.